As a mother I believe it is our responsibility to leave a cleaner earth and brighter future for our children, which is why I strive to replace immature oil based plastics from their pedestal of convenience. Using recycled materials where ever possible to produce beautiful globally-marketable products, while equipping local artisans with new skill sets and providing them with a sustainable source of income. That’s why, sustainability is at the heart of our design, by creating lasting items for future generations of global inhabitants and raising awareness, igniting conversations, and ultimately to encourage others to be more conscious and appreciative of our planet. Our desire is to create pieces of functional Tableware Art that leave the planet richer and the human happier. We hope to see our tableware range developing into an increasingly sought after brand that is synonymous with environmentally considerate products that are unique, yet affordable.


Each and every one of our products is handmade. We are not about about machine-made perfection, our craftsmen breathe life into materials they celebrate handmade imperfection. It is of utmost importance that our creations are in harmony with the cycles of nature which we achieve through the use of basic metals and minimal additions to their earthy intent. The reward for this form of hands on craftsmanship is to enable eager apprentices the opportunity to become part of a skilled group of artisans within a thriving village industry.


Our creations celebrate our roots, reviving and re-igniting traditions. We learn from the wisdom of the past, from colours and textures to processes, we bring the wisdom and beauty of culture back to life. Since moving out of the confines of city life, trading it for the creative energy of Mountain and Wheatland’s of Porterville in the Western Cape, Monique and her small, yet dedicated team of studio assistants have breathed life and energy into copper and brass that comes from a true love and understanding of metals and art. Monique, with her roots firmly entwined in a family tradition of smithing, having learned the trade of a Goldsmith under the watchful eye of her father, Franz Huppertz, himself a Master Goldsmith from Pforzheim, Germany. This close relationship fostered a desire to create beauty yet maintain simplicity and above all functionality. The road taken today is one born from a combination of success and failures all culminating in her unmistakable creative drive to provide clients with art pieces for daily life.


Monique’s drive to create beautiful, yet functional pieces has been central to her designs, yet to maintain this balance on occasions implies the opposite. Complete abandon and contempt for the conventional inspire the creation of unique pieces, screaming out for refinement on completion, yet unwilling to lose the artistic hand in them. The process of creating is pivotal in the success of her pieces, yet the clear understanding of the marriage to functionality produces ranges of tableware to be wrapped in the most expensive of linens. The universe shows that utility and beauty go hand in hand. Purpose and beauty are partners. We’ve taken that inspiration and brought into every product. We have chosen to work in the most basic of metals - copper, regarded by many as the one of the five earthy players – Gold,Silver,Copper,Zinc and Iron. As such these metals have stood the test of human time to each develop an identity in the modern world. The antimicrobial elements of pure copper have in modern times returned to prominence in an ever increasing drive to rid the world of man-made non degradable materials. That Mother Nature already has an abundance of such amazing armoury of bug destroying minerals locked up in Copper, Whilst not losing the inner senses of copper our product has evolved to make use of brass – a happy marriage of copper and zinc to enhance the creative a visual possibilities features of our pieces.

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