Carved peach pip, yellow gold and bone necklace.

Our traditional well-equipped workshop is nestled below the magnificent Winterberg mountains in the beautiful village of Porterville in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Choose our bespoke service to create a unique piece of jewellery. You will be involved with each step of the process from the design to the manufacture, taking into account the timescale and your budget, allowing you the freedom to turn your ideas into something completely original and 100% yours.

We love to remodel inherited jewellery, incorporating either the metal or gemstones, creating a completely new, wearable piece. Dust off your old and unworn pieces and give them a new lease of life.

In addition, we offer a variety of one Day Workshops all of which take place in our studio.

c.straws Smoothie Straw

Millions of tons of plastic finds its way into the environment every year.  Much of this into our oceans.

It is common knowledge that plastic straws are one of the most harmful plastic items – far worse than others as they are classified as “single-use” plastic. These items have a shockingly short lifespan, normally used once and then discarded to landfill. Like other plastics, they never biodegrade and take up to 200 hundred years to break down.  America alone discards approximately half a billion plastic straws a day!

However, there are alternatives, Ebonymoon manufactures pure copper drinking straws in a juice and smoothie size. Coppers’ naturally anti-microbial properties make if the perfect material for straws.

Hammered Copper Cheese Set

Our Copper and Brass tableware range is all handmade. We have a selection of Salt, Spice and Condiment spoons perfect for using on the table or mezze platter.

Our larger spoons can be used for serving rice, salads and casseroles. Copper straws are the perfect alternative to plastic and come in a selection of etched, polished or brushed finishes. Copper and Brass have proven natural anti- microbial properties so are perfect in your kitchen.

Each and every one of our items are lovingly handmade, therefore they may have minor imperfections, which we think adds to the uniqueness of each one.

Please clean your item with soapy water and dry it immediately.

Should your item become discoloured you can polish it using brass polish and a soft cloth.