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Our gorgeous shweshwe bags come in 8 different colours and are the perfect carry companion for your straws, keeping them dry and debris free while making a statement anywhere you pull them out.

No more plastic straws!


Millions of tons of plastic finds its way into the environment every year.  Much of this into our oceans.

It is common knowledge that plastic straws are one of the most harmful plastic items – far worse than others as they are classified as “single-use” plastic. These items have a shockingly short lifespan, normally used once and then discarded to landfill. Like other plastics, they never biodegrade and take up to 200 hundred years to break down.  America alone discards approximately half a billion plastic straws a day!

However, there are alternatives, with manufacturers producing bamboo, paper and silicone variants.  Now an exciting new option is available.

Globally, restaurants, bars and cities are voluntarily banning plastic straws. Everyone needs to do their part to protect the environment and marine life – do yours and use a reusable straw for your summer cocktails and soft drinks.

Why copper straws are the best alternative:

Completely recyclable

Safe to use
Not harmful to people or the

Efficacy as an antimicrobial is
scientifically proven to be far more
effective than silver-containing

Proven to continuously kill the
microbes that cause infections

The only solid metal touch
surface approved by the US
Environmental Protection Agency

Never wears out
Continuous and ongoing
antimicrobial action

 Remains effective even after
repeated wet and dry abrasion
and re-contamination

Natural oxidation does not
impair efficacy.

Inherently antimicrobial, no
chemicals added

How to clean your copper straw


Copper oxidises when a single copper molecule, or copper ion, is released from the copper surface and hits a building block of a cell membrane (either a protein or a fatty acid). Therefore if your copper straw is oxidising it’s doing its job.

If you would like you straw to regain it beautiful rose gold colour just give it a quick clean. Squeeze lemon juice from one lemon. Add salt and mix to form a paste. Rub the paste over the copper with a soft cloth. Rinse off with warm water and polish. Polish with beeswax for a lasting shine.

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