Our Copper and Brass tableware range is all handmade. We have a selection of Salt, Spice and Condiment spoons perfect for using on the table or mezze platter.

Our larger spoons can be used for serving rice, salads and casseroles. Copper straws are the perfect alternative to plastic and come in a selection of etched, polished or brushed finishes. Copper and Brass have proven natural anti- microbial properties so are perfect in your kitchen.

Each and every one of our items are lovingly handmade, therefore they may have minor imperfections, which we think adds to the uniqueness of each one.

Please clean your item with soapy water and dry it immediately.

Should your item become discoloured you can polish it using brass polish and a soft cloth.


Perfect on your table or next to the stove, we have a range of copper and brass spoons in three sizes. Put them on the table to serve jams and condiments, or use them in your spice jars.


Copper or brass coasters can be etched with just about any design or pattern. 90 cm in diameter with a natural cork base, our coasters are available in sets of 6 and with their own stand.


Mixology is increasingly popular, in response to this growing trend, Ebonymoon has created a beautiful, custom-designed range of Mixology tools that are perfect for the home Mixologist.  The Mixology range is also available in sterling silver.

The range includes:

A 20cm stirring spoon;

A 40cm stirring spoon;

A Julep strainer spoon

An Absinthe spoon;

A 40cm stirring spoon with a wood end;

A 40cm stirring spoon with a hammer end;

A 40cm stirring spoon with a fork end;

A 40cm teardrop stirring spoon; and

A strainer spoon.


A good cheese board is important, but a great cheese set is a necessity!

“Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I’m a happy man.”
― George R.R. Martin


“The spoon is a reader’s
friend, scooping from the
plate almost by itself.
The fork requires more
― Erri De Luca, Tre cavalli

Our spoons are individually weighted and are a delight to eat from.

length 110mm, dia 60mm


“Bread – like real love – took time, cultivation, strong loving hands and patience. It lived, rising and growing to fruition only under the most perfect circumstances.”
― Melissa HillSomething From Tiffany’s

You may wonder if a bread knife is really necessary, but these sawtoothed tools are absolute gems for handling a diverse range of foods and cutting tasks. Copper or Brass bread knives to treasure.

length 300mm (blade200mm) width 25mm


When you’re selecting a soup ladle, it’s important to choose one that has a hooked end and a long, angled handle. The hook will keep it from slipping into your stockpot, and the handle will make for an easier, more even-handed pour.

Our ladles have a pouring lip to let you ladle, pour and serve soups, stews and chillis with style and without spillages. When preparing dishes such as risotto, where you need to gradually keep adding liquid, the ladle is an indispensable kitchen utensil. You can also use it to strain fruit or serve punch.

length 300mm, dia 125mm


Every salad you make deserves to be dressed as if it were Cinderella off to the ball… make sure yours is accompanied by our beautiful salad servers. Available in three designs; solid, u slot, circle or claw.

length 220mm, dia 90mm


Copper or brass, each spoon has be carefully hand made and weighted to sit perfectly in your hand. Use them to serve rice, curries, casseroles and stews. Available in 3 sizes small (70mm x 160mm), medium (80mm x 180mm) and large (90mm x 220mm).


Beautiful yet functional, designed to help you avoid unwanted catastrophes, our copper or brass cake lifter sits comfortably in the hand. Ebonymoon utensils work individually or as a set to mix and matched with other Ebonymoon tableware.


The creation of our tableware range in copper and brass goes further than the fact that we love the warm colours and lustre that these beautiful metals give you, but copper and brass also have proven natural anti- microbial properties and so are perfect on your table or in your kitchen.

small dia 85mm

large dia 125mm


For salt, spice, sugar or condiments, these are a perfect match to our range of SUGAR & SPICE spoons. In copper or brass each bowl is individually made with an assortment of different etched designs and finishes. Each bowl had four brass feet which have be carefully rounded so as not to scratch surfaces. They are available in small (70mm), medium (80mm) or large (90mm).


Perfectly made copper or brass teaspoons  with a brushed finish will make a perfect addition to your cutlery collection.

length 130mm, dia 35mm


The African mask teaspoon collection is a perfect addition to our  copper or brass teaspoons. With a choice of 10 different masks each with its own tribal story. Available in a brushed or polished finish they will make a perfect addition to your cutlery collection.

length 130mm, dia 35mm


These cut down on prep time as you don’t need to soak them before use. The cooking time is quicker, too, because the metal heats up and starts to cook the food from the inside and they can be re-used, so they’re a eco-friendly choice in the long term.

length 200mm


  • Efficacy as an antimicrobial is scientifically proven to be far more effective than silver containing coatings.
  • Proven to continuously kill the microbes that cause infections.
  • The only solid metal touch surface approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Never wears out.
  • Remains effective even after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination.
  • Natural oxidation does not impair efficacy.
  • Continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action.
  • Safe to use.
  • Not harmful to people or the environment.
  • Inherently antimicrobial, no chemicals added.
  • Completely recyclable.
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